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With advanced equipment and technology, the company completely separates raw materials from finished products, and specializes in large-scale production and R & D of non-woven products, among which wet wipes are the company's leading products. It has a leading standardized closed sterile clean production workshop, EDI ultra pure water treatment equipment, high-quality professional health care personnel, and a new product R & D team. We always adhere to the quality policy of "stable quality, meeting customer needs, continuous improvement and building international reputation". Our R & D will keep up with the international market. We will face the market with high-quality products, establish brand with leading products, and expand the gap with competitors in the industry with characteristic products, So as to seek to be at the forefront of nonwovens industry, the company has a diversified and high-quality talent team, professional and knowledgeable production, R & D, quality inspection and other positions, key staff, marketing, management, etc., which provides a strong driving force for the sustainable development of the company. The company provides comprehensive welfare and development space for employees, and pays attention to staff skills training and motivation, As we have strengthened the communication and cooperation among employees, the factory is divided into functional blocks from raw materials, production, packaging, warehousing and other aspects. The factory adopts process layout and strict quarantine measures to ensure the health, quality and safety of products. At the same time, the company has also established a professional R & D center, standardized R & D results, large-scale production, with strong market competitiveness.

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